Keep Your Car Running at Peak Performance

Keep Your Car Running at Peak Performance

We handle exhaust repair in Hannibal, MO

If you need exhaust repair, just bring your vehicle to The Muffler Shop & Car Care Center. We started out working with exhaust pipes, so we know how to tackle any exhaust issues. As far as repairing exhaust pipes goes, we've got all the expertise we need.

You can count on us to:

  • Work with single- or double-pump systems
  • Repair leaks in your exhaust pipes
  • Weld new pipes as needed
  • Replace catalytic converters

Come to us for affordable exhaust repair in Hannibal, MO.

Complete the muffler repair you need

You can bring your vehicle to us for muffler repair. If there's a hole in your muffler, we can fix it and restore your car's functionality. We work hard to keep our prices competitive. You're sure to get a good deal when you visit us for car repair. We carry several stylers of mufflers such as MagnaFlow, Flowmaster and FlowSound and can order other brands per customer request.

Call now to talk to a specialist about muffler repair in Hannibal, MO.